True Colors is a college and career-readiness program that partners with school districts to engage middle and high school students in life skills, occupation skills, and practical knowledge to excel in life after graduation. True Colors provides a customized education in health sciences, entrepreneurship, education, the arts, and athletic coaching with an eye on establishing a pipeline of homegrown professionals.

True Colors’ defining standards are time management, interpersonal skills, the ability to accept criticism, and tools to build social capital. True Colors students must prove that they are marketable in ways they never imagined possible. The True Colors vision is to help partners with long-term planning by building a workforce within the school community.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, our Steelton-Highspire True Colors cohort traveled to Washington D.C. for their first college and career visit. Howard University was their first visit. We would like to thank admissions officer Tammy McCants and university ambassadors (Brielle and Janelle) for an outstanding tour. Their unbelievable knowledge of the rich tradition at Howard University was inspiring for our True Colors students.

We then visited the Lincoln Memorial! We were amazed at the reactions of our recruits as they first witnessed the size of the Lincoln Memorial and the beautiful view of our nation’s capital. The students were aware of the iconic events in our nation’s history at this location. Demonstrators reminded our students to “use your voice”.

Finally, we took the group to see the breathtaking memorial to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The students never saw this memorial before our trip. The impact was powerful. They all stood there for 2-3 minutes just thinking and looking. No one said anything… just looking. The recruits they spent time reading all is wonderful quote’s that helped change the world.

The White House was our next stop. With tight security, we couldn’t get the best view of the White House. We recognize that we are living in an unprecedented time. We accordingly walked a few blocks to Black Lives Matter Plaza, where the students could not believe that they were standing where others stood for change. The experience was powerful and unforgettable.

There are a few people that helped make this field trip possible. First is the former Steel-High superintendent, Dr. Travis Waters. He assisted us in introducing True Colors to the district. Brian Talton provided insight on Howard University and Washington D.C. Steel-High School Principal Michelle Young has provided support and direction. Mr. Larry Bragg is our right-hand man and school liaison. Thank you for traveling with us and for all the support. Premiere #1 Limousine Service, LLC, Your driver Mr. Larry drove through Washington D.C. rush hour traffic like a professional and got us home safely and on time. Thanks to the parents of our True Colors recruits for allowing their children to travel with us and for believing in our program. Last, thanks to Superintendent Mick Iskric, Jr. for believing in our program and supporting our vision.