Steelton- Highspire Junior Senior high school is breeding greatness as I said from day one. Lawrence Brothers , Uncle Joe Porter and I shed tears at the 11th Annual Financial literacy event through Harrisburg University yesterday afternoon. The students that we serve are simply amazing, thriving for greatness and exceeding all expectations and that is because of every single person that comes in contact with them in our building.

This is a turning point for all the hard work that has occurred in the last three years. From day one Kevin Lawrence has been the biggest motivator and supportive human being for both students and staff! For that, I am extremely grateful.

A sophomore from Steelton Highspire junior Senior high school, brought the gold home yesterday for an essay that brought everyone in the room to tears about the importance of financial literacy for her and within schools .  Students from 24 different counties entered this contest and as I’m talking to her and a classmate yesterday with the biggest smile on her face, she looks at me and says,

“ Dr. Cordero today we brought home the state championship for academics !” 

Proud is an Understatement and tears are without question! Just know Steel-High is on the map!