South Central Pennsylvania, April 28, 2021

Lawrence Brothers Promotions and the Equity Institute for Race Conscious Pedagogy are proud to announce a joint initiative, True Colors, a college- and career-ready program for middle and high school students. 

Kevin and Anthony (Doug) Lawrence founded Lawrence Brothers Promotions in 2007 to promote unrecognized talent and creativity in the beauty industry. The brothers promoted some of the largest hair and fashion events on the East Coast. In 2017, the Lawrences formed “We Believe in Your Child Too,” a nonprofit organization that has since awarded tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money to young adults pursuing postsecondary education.

Dr. Todd M. Mealy launched the Equity Institute for Race Conscious Pedagogy in 2020. The institute provides culturally responsive curricular resources to educators in primary, secondary, and higher education. The institute carries a national team of educators with more than 100 years of collective classroom and administrative experience working in public and higher education. 

The “True Colors” joint initiative merges the educational and nonprofit sectors to help public and private academic institutions increase student engagement by fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging in the school community. True Colors strives to help middle and high school educators inspire citizenship and service in the school community by giving their students an outlet to discuss pressing societal issues. The program’s instructional staff aims to boost academic achievement through collaborative planning with instructors and counselors in order to mentor students in an education program that builds critical life skills and practical knowledge in the fields of art, education, athletic coaching, and entrepreneurship. The True Colors mission statement reads as such:

At True Colors, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our commitment to helping educational institutions create, nurture, and sustain a culturally inclusive environment for students while providing a college- and career-ready learning experience in the fields of art, education, athletic coaching, and entrepreneurship. A healthy sense of belonging, we believe, will foster lifelong engagement in the school community.

This new partnership not only aspires to provide students with opportunities to pursue higher education or early entry into a professional career, but it also exists as a community medium to help schools bridge existing educational gaps.